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Ep.12 The Milk Podcast (episode 1)

Not a normal episode from the guys this week; instead we’re highlighting our new, limited run, podcast, Milk. It’s taking a look at Christianity Basics from the same eyes as the ‘Stuff’ podcast, rooting around and seeing where we might have added our own traditions into the very basics of our religion.

New episodes won’t appear on this feed, but if you’re interested you can search up ‘Milk’ or ‘unspokenchurch’ on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts from and subscribe from there. And from our blog site, of course.

Episode 1 – What is Christianity?

In this first episode, ‘Dangerous’ Walker (from the ‘Stuff We Don’t Talk about in Church’ podcast) and Sir Tom talk about what Christianity is and what it isn’t. They try to strip away the traditions and interpretations and give an honest look that puts God front and centre. Something the Western church perhaps doesn’t do as much as it thinks…

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Ep.11 Women and Jesus

Completing the ‘Women’ trilogy ‘Dangerous’ and Lenae look at how Jesus treated women and how his female followers impacted the early church. They also delve into men’s and women’s ministries; female apostles (or lack thereof); the origins of marriage and nuns. Plus Samurais and how to bathe a baby.

(apologies that a little of Dangerous’s audio is clipped; it’s not the recording, but his lack of microphone skill…)

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