Monthly Archives: March 2021

BCT ep. 23: The First Rule of Gnostic Club

In this episode Dangerous goes back to the 1st Century to make sense of the 21st Century. Because History teaches us stuff, who knew? Specifically he looks at the heresy of Gnosticism that grew out of early Christianity and re-imagined it as if humans were the centre. We could work out all the secrets of the Universe through a secret special knowledge. He compares this with those called “Entitled Generation” and looks at how culture has shaped them to be this way.

Eventually this will all tie in, trust me…

BCT ep. 22: ‘God is Dead’ …He is Risen Indeed

In this next philosophical episode, Dangerous tackles Nietzsche’s famous line ‘God is dead’. He puts it into it’s actual context and discusses how this relates to our Postmodern society. And, oh, boy, does it, but maybe not in the way you think it does. He goes on to talk about purpose and the idea that Atheists, while espousing that everything is meaningless still apparently have an ingrained need for purpose. As if it was in their DNA. He weaves through church and culture and lands on the story of Noah’s Ark that he dissects with logical thought, like how did trees survive under water? And it’s not to disprove the Bible, but rather to rethink it and it’s purpose.

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