BCT ep. 24: Sheeple

In a continued look into Gnosticism, Dangerous looks at the lack of meaning within an atheistic worldview and points out that despite this, people spend their whole lives looking for meaning. Trying to give their lives meaning.

He looks at how younger generations are being told they could, and should, have their dreams come true and yet come to realise that this is not true. That they end up in dead end office jobs etc with their dreams, that they were told they deserved, unfulfilled.

And from their he looks at why, in his opinion, conspiracy theories take hold. A secret knowledge that people have to elevate themselves above those around them. Something that makes them special. ohhh, just like Gnostics…


BCT ep. 23: The First Rule of Gnostic Club

In this episode Dangerous goes back to the 1st Century to make sense of the 21st Century. Because History teaches us stuff, who knew? Specifically he looks at the heresy of Gnosticism that grew out of early Christianity and re-imagined it as if humans were the centre. We could work out all the secrets of the Universe through a secret special knowledge. He compares this with those called “Entitled Generation” and looks at how culture has shaped them to be this way.

Eventually this will all tie in, trust me…

BCT ep. 22: ‘God is Dead’ …He is Risen Indeed

In this next philosophical episode, Dangerous tackles Nietzsche’s famous line ‘God is dead’. He puts it into it’s actual context and discusses how this relates to our Postmodern society. And, oh, boy, does it, but maybe not in the way you think it does. He goes on to talk about purpose and the idea that Atheists, while espousing that everything is meaningless still apparently have an ingrained need for purpose. As if it was in their DNA. He weaves through church and culture and lands on the story of Noah’s Ark that he dissects with logical thought, like how did trees survive under water? And it’s not to disprove the Bible, but rather to rethink it and it’s purpose.

Search Unspokenchurch to find Dangerous and converse with him.

BCT ep. 21: Spot the Difference

Welcome! In this cunning episode Dangerous starts to look at how postmodernism affects society. He compares the way communities reacted to World War II compared to the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly focusing on the reports of people refusing to wear masks as it’s against their personal freedoms. I used the word ‘focusing’ there, but he struggles, to be honest. He ranges through BLM protests and the Global Financial Crisis and looks at how people have been lethargic in seeking justice and how a lack of objective good leads to a lack of community. And, of course, he asks where the church, an organisation commanded by God, to seek justice is in all of these. It’s a fascinating, continued breakdown of Post-Christian society and why we need Jesus.

BCT ep. 20: Would You Like Some Philosophy with your Coffee?

Welcome to 2021 and new episodes looking at Western Philosophy!

Wait! Come back, it’s interesting. Honest.

In this episode Dangerous talks a little about himself and why episodes are sporadic and then goes on to compare the Holy Spirit to a coffee machine. Yeas, seriously. He then moves on to look at Postmodernism, what it is and how it affects society and thusly the Church. This is the first in seven episodes looking at how the church is not ready to deal with a massive shift in society… that happened, like, 50 years ago… oh boy.

BCT ep. 19: Would you Adam and Eve it?

In this long overdue episode, Dangerous looks at Adam and Eve and asks whether they existed. Why? I hear you cry. Because he is making a case that Christians use stories like Adam and Eve to back up or influence how they view people and actions in the modern world. Wouldn’t it be craaazy if you used a Biblical story to back up your views only to find that the story probably isn’t true?

He urges you, Dear Listener to use critical thinking when it comes to the Bible rather than following traditional views. Because, guess what? The whole of Christianity doesn’t go up in a pile of smoke just because God didn’t take a nap on the 7th day. In fact we can understand what He is saying to us through the Bible better with a smattering of thought. Weird.

BCT ep. 18: Is Simples

In this deep dive of an episode, Dangerous takes a look into the Creation story (finally) and looks into the idea that it is merely a simplified telling. He looks into the science of atoms, neutrons and DNA and the issue of God not actually being effected by time and therefore unable to do anything in any type of time period. He also takes a detour around exactly how God separated light and darkness as darkness is only an abscense of light (and why exactly is light ‘good’) and finishes off pondering why being naked was the most terrible thing Adam and Eve learned from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It gets quite theological…

BCT ep 17: Why Covid-19 is Good for the Church

In this BONUS episode Dangerous talks about the Church in times of crisis and also about how this time of closed churches could lead us away from traditions and back towards the heart of church and Christianity. He closes with a look at Jesus in a time of crisis (the storm on the Sea of Galilee) and how his way of dealing with crisis was to sleep through it.

WWJD? Sleep, apparently.

BCT ep. 16: You Don’t Look a Day over 6000 Years

In this long awaited episode, Dangerous finally gets on with the Creation story and talks about the issues with Young Earth Theology when it comes to science. That’s it really, no need to keep wittering on when you can just hear it from him. Plus it’s only, like, 10 mins long. Bonus!

BCT ep. 15: In the Beginning…

In this super heretical episode, Dangerous starts looking at the Creation story and quickly gets sidetracked into Sola Scriptura, one of the foundation blocks of Protestant Christianity He argues that the way we hold to this Sola, in this day and age, actually does us wrong. It cuts out the Holy Spirit from our Faith and can lead to us worshipping the Bible rather than God. he even gets into some good old End Times theology. Woo!