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Ep.5 Singing (part 1)

Just as widely accepted as prayer, but rarely discussed, the boys are back to ask: why do we sing in church? Is it Biblical? Is it weird? Also Moonbeard makes a return, so there’s that…

Ep.4 Prayer (part 2)

In this episode, ‘Doing Art in Heaven’, BT and Dangerous take a walk through the Lord’s Prayer. It’s the model for all our prayers, but one we often rattle off way too lightly. They go line by line discussing the meaning and repercussions of praying each and how, if we mean it, it affects our lives.

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Ep.3 Prayer (part 1)

In this episode, Half Way There, Dangerous and BT discuss prayer looking at how and why we do it. Plus some of the pitfalls such as ‘do we have to use special language?’. Plus we have a proper intro with theme music and everything!

NOTE: This podcast was split into two due to length so finishes a little abruptly.

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News Update

In a brief news update, Dangerous fills you in with what’s been happening and where we hope to take the podcast in the future. HINT, it involves you and building a community…

We love you, guys and gals

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Ep. 2: Discipleship

In this episode, “All Aboard the Disciple Ship”, BT leads us in a discussion of what discipleship means and how we do it, while Dangerous obsesses over ox’s and how they’re yoked together.

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Ep. 1: Leviticus

In this episode, ‘Too Levit to Quit’, BT and Dangerous look at some of the laws in the Old Testament and ask, ‘Why are they weird?’ and more importantly ‘Should we still follow them?’

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